Assessment of Oxidative Stress

A delicate balance exists in our body between the production and the "swallowing" of free radicals and other reactive oxygen species (ROS).
The oxidative stress is a sort of "chimical stress" induced by the presence in our body of abnormal quantities of ROS and, in particular, of free radicals. continua...

For information:

FRAS 4 is a new integrated analytical system consisting of a dedicated photometer with an incorporated centrifuge, designed to allow the global assessment of oxidative stress, by means of two tests, i. e. d-ROMs test and BAP test, on a small sample of capillary blood, through finger-pick on a finger-tip. The initials FRAS means Free Radical Analytical System, i. e. system for the analytical study of free radicals.

The most innovative technological feature of FRAS 4 is the integration of centrifuge in the analytical module. This system enables the operator to perform both, the centrifugation and the photometric analysis. Furthermore, the centrifuge is termostated.

FRAS 4, moreover, allows one to carry out the assessment of the pro-oxidant component (by means of d-ROMs test) and the evaluation of the antioxidant barrier (by means of BAP test) involved in oxidative stress. Although the procedures of the two tests are very simple, FRAS 4 possesses a self-instructing display that provides not only the photometer and centrifuge temperatures but also multilingual operating messages. All these functions are controlled by a particular software that manages the whole instrumentation. Moreover, this software can be updated by means of a personal computer.

The output management is also noticeable. Indeed, FRAS 4 allows, through a mini-printer, the emission of a ticket with a personalized heading, and through serial port (RS232), the data recorded in a personal computer.

FRAS 4 has a security system able to stop the centrifuge when the door and it may be connected to any net power supply.

For all these carachteristics, FRAS 4 is a highly innovative system that may provide real time informations on the global oxidative balance of any person.

Tecnichal features

General Characteristics
Dimensions: 39 x 26 x 12 cm
Weight: Approx 3,9 kg
Power supply: 85 ÷ 265 VAC, 50 ÷ 60 Hz
Power consumption: 50 W
Photometric System
Lamp: Long life focused lens-end lamp
Spectral region: 505 nm with 8 nm bandwidth interferential filter)
Measuring principle: Lambert Beer law
Reading cell: 37° C real time displayed
Speed: 6000 rpm ± 5%
Housing: 2 - 4 housings
Temperature: 37° C real time displayed
Fireware: Flash memory, updated through serial PC port
Interface: RS232 with 9 poles PC connection
Type: Back lighted alphanumeric LCD with 4 rows an 20 characters
Type: graphic thermal printer with 192 dots
Result: Automatic customizable printout with the reprint options
Type: Automatic error display
Working Conditions
Temperature: 15 ÷ 35°C
Relative humidity: Up to 90%
Safety: Directive 73/23/CEE (standard: CEI-EN 61010-1, class I; category installation II)
Electromagnetic compatibility: Directive 89/336/CEE