Free Radical Analytical System

FRAS 4 is a new integrated analytical system consisting of a dedicated photometer with an incorporated centrifuge, designed to allow the global assessment of oxidative stress, by means of the d-ROMs test and the BAP test. continue...

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Both scientific literature and daily clinical experience indicate that laboratory assessment of oxidative stress should be "global", i. e. able not only to quantify the effect of biological oxidation which undergo our body but also to establish the efficacy of our anti-oxidant defences.

According to this innovative concept, H&D and Diacron International have developed in the last years a complete panel able to globally assess, either in humans or animals, both pro-oxidant (d-ROMs test) and anti-oxidant status (BAP test, OXY-Adsorbent test and -SHp test).

Up to now, more than 440 academic papers have documented the scientific value of this highly innovative diagnostic approach either in the basic research or clinical practice, not only in Human but also in Veterinary Medicine. We collected and organized these academic papers by:

  • authors
  • prevalent item
  • publication year

The aim of this collection is to provide an updated picture of all the available references – including some "popular articles" – on the global assessment of oxidative stress and, particularly, on the d-ROMs test.

The book is for use as an aid for clinicians and researchers as well as pharmacists, chemists, biologists, and health professionals, to immediately and easily access to the "coordinates" of any scientific paper on d-ROMs, BAP, OXY Adsorbent and -SHp test. Indeed, sometime it is difficult and time-expensive for scientists to immediately take such an information by the commonly available data-base.

You may download the complete collection of these academic papers ordered by Authors. You may also receive the complete collection ordered by prevalent item or by publication year by contacting us via email at