Free Radical Analytical System

FRAS 4 is a new integrated analytical system consisting of a dedicated photometer with an incorporated centrifuge, designed to allow the global assessment of oxidative stress, by means of the d-ROMs test and the BAP test. continue...

109 Questions about Oxidative Stress

  • What is oxidative stress?
  • What are the main features of an "ideal test" to evaluate oxidative stress?
  • What is the most common procedure to perform the d-ROMs test?
  • What are the analytical performances of the BAP test?
  • What are the actual trends in the prevention and in the treatment of oxidative stress?


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The Global Assessment of Oxidative Stress

  • Oxidative stress is believed to be responsible of early ageing and of a very long serie of common deseases

    Oxidative stress is a sort of "chimical stress" induced by the presence in our body of abnormal quantities of ROS and, in particular, of free radicals. continue...

  • Win OS Manager is an original software with the specific purpose to help the professionals working in the medical/health field to manage oxidative stress

    The core of Win OS Manager is a specific algorithm, which allows the operator to obtain a differentiated report for the medical operator and for the patient by each individual undergoing such evaluation. continue...